Saturday, December 31, 2011

Cooking Adventures

Hi!  My name is Allison. 

I have always enjoyed eating and cooking.  I started out cooking as a teenager.  I graduated from The Art Institue of Atlanta with a degree in Culinary Arts.  I've worked in several restaurants, and now own my own.  It's a small place that seats about 30.  We enjoy it.

I have a wonderful husband, Phil and two great kids, a girl and a boy.  My little girl has a peanut allergy.  This allergy limits our dining out which is fine.  We now do more cooking at home.  I thought I would start
this blog to share some life experiences and our new cooking adventures with my family and friends and any others that may decided to follow. 

Today is Saturday, New Years Eve 2011.  I am making Light Oat Bread.  I will share the link to the recipe.  I decided on this blog as I was mixing up the dough, so I will not have any premixing pics.

The dough is resting - covered.  It was a fairly warm day outside, so we did not have the wood stove going.  Our house was slightly cool.  So, I turned on my little toaster over and put my dough near it to give it a little warmth to help it rise.
After rising in pan, bake.  It came out the oven hard on top, but as it cooled it softened. 

It is a good bread.  No major yeast flavor.  Nothing real exciting about it.  Would be good warm
with butter or toasted for a sandwich.  It is easy to make.  I feel sure I will make it again.