Friday, March 2, 2012

So, I've been under the weather lately.  This is the reason there have been no new post.  For about four weeks now, I have been having trouble with my eyes.  Eye strain, grit and gunk feeling in them, headache, can't see clearly.  Feel sure this is allergy.  Eye doctor got me all fixed up with some eye drops.  Got much better, but still the headaches and eye strain.  Back to the eye doctor.  New glasses.  They seemed to be helping, but....suddenly eyes pouring water.  After three days of this, back to the eye doctor.  Verdict... Severe eye allergy.  New medicine already seems to be helping.  So, hopefully I will be back to normal soon.  I have baked a few new foods that I will be getting posted soon.  The next on my agenda though is Blueberry-Lemon Drop Scones.  Sounding good to me. 
For tonight, I will get you guys (really, it is y'all here in the South) some pictures posted of some of the cakes we have been turning out at the Deli. 

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